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Leading an IOC-ASOIF (International Summer Sport Federations)-AIOWF (International Winter Sport Federations) Seminar on Gender Equality and Diversity



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I'm providing an à la carte range of services available to advise leadership and management in confronting issues, tackle challenges, and evolve organisations, companies and staff. Experience gained through 30 years of hands-on experience and multiple achievements enable the provision of high-level services, including:

  • Project management across operational activities

  • Communications strategy and public relations

  • Devising best practice governance policies and regulations. 

  • Global development strategy

  • Executive Education courses and specialist sessions

  • Defining internal and multi-stakeholder policies

  • Mentoring and supporting individuals and groups

  • Assisting transitions, handling crises and other unexpected circumstances

  • Assessing organisation and company requirements and devise solutions

  • Moderating and serving in panels at conferences and seminars 

Share your specific challenges and objectives

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I have been a pioneer of gender equality in a male-dominated environment. In all three management and leadership positions in international sport, I was the first woman and opened the pathway for others and their organisations to follow suit.

​Mentoring available for women to run for leadership roles and support of their campaigns. 

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