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Contributing to Evolving Sports Governance and Management

It's been a terrific few weeks participating, contributing, learning at several stimulating Sport Governance and Business Conferences with the Major Events International MEI Hosts and Federations Summit #Lausanne, Play The Game #Odense and Host City Americas Online. Sport is an education and school for life, and life requires continual education.

It was an honour to be part of the Play the Game 2022 opening panel in #odense#denmark under the banner "A movement for peace in the shadow of war" chaired by Andreas Selliaas with Mikhail Zaleuski Maryia Zhurava from the Belarussian Sport Solidarity Foundation, Francesco Ricci-Bitti, President of ASOIF, Jules Boykoff, Pacific University, Hans Natorp, President of the NOC and Sports Confederation of Denmark, Jens Weinreich, Journalist/Publisher, Sport & Politics. I presented an insight to the last major sports event: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: Objectives and Outcomes, and then joined the panel debate which followed. The entire week of presentations, panels, interaction and countless discussions was stimulating and underlined the significant work ahead for sport and its governance. I'm strongly committed to giving back to sport through my knowledge and energy. Special thanks go to Jens Sejer Andersen and Stanis Elsborg along with the Play the Game Team for their tireless work in staging such a successful event and providing the platform for such extensive debate.

It was a pleasure to contribute to #HCAM2022 as part of this super panel addressing a very important topic: Fostering Impact, Legacy and DEI through Major Events. Ben Avison John SinerKathryn Schloessman Cindy Medynski Tania Braga #diversityequityinclusion #sustainableevents #sportsevents #genderequality

What an inspiring panel on Fostering Impact, Legacy and DEI through Major Events at #HCAM2022 just now! For Cindy Medynski, Director, Edmonton Events, they are looking for event partners that have similar values and that align with their community goals. “It’s important that our stakeholders are buying local. It has to be a win win for both sides of the coin.” She also highlighted that Edmonton has the second highest indigenous population in Canada. ”It’s important for them to be at the table from the beginning and for us to be educated on how to incorporate them.” Sarah Lewis OBE OLY said: “Sustainability, inclusion and DEI are part of the DNA of the event – that’s a win win win for everyone involved: for the value of the event, for the local community and the global community. We’ve got to be a diverse society, to respect and do things in a sustainable way - or the planet unfortunately won’t have the capacity to handle things anymore.” Kathryn Schloessman, President & CEO, LASEC (Los Angeles Sport & Entertainment Commission) also highlighted the growing importance of community events for host cities. “If we’re not engaging our local community, our local businesses and our non-profits, and creating opportunities for our kids then we have failed.” She also stressed that these values are just as important for private and philanthropic funders of major events. “Legacy is more than a buzzword, said Tania Braga, Head of Olympic Games Impact and Legacy, International Olympic Committee. “It’s part of why hosts have the Olympic Games; it’s about creating lasting benefits for the people of the host territory and the sports movement. “Legacy is a living thing – it keeps evolving. We can still find educational programmes that exist many decades after the Games.” She also highlighted the “very clear challenge” of climate change, and the Olympic movement’s “firm commitment” to be climate positive by 2030. Expertly moderated by John Siner of Why Sport Matters. #event #sustainability #sports #community #Edmonton #LA #IOC

Major Events International Ltd Andy Rice Dennis Mills 🙏 what a great engaging panel session with Juliet Alabaster #brisbane and Anette Larsen Bognø #stavanger - from #australia and #norway, two countries connected where #sport is in their dna, discussing "Moving Forwards - Best Practice" thanks for the great insights which generated fantastic engagement with the participants.

Check out the panel discussion on YouTube Looking Forward – Best Practice

Steven Mifsud MBE Artem Buerov Andy Rice it was an honour to join you as part of this exceptionally important discussion in our panel #diversity and #inclusion at Events as well as across a #diversesociety in general - and to continue the discussion during the wonderful dinner on a fantastic table with @patrickmagee Richard Collins Dieter Castelein Gregor Toplak at the #olympicmuseum in #lausanne - we all agree unanimously: is there a downside on incorporating diversity and inclusion in the planning, organisation and delivery of events and the resounding answer is absolutely "no" it makes 100% sense to be as inclusive as possible to all of these segments of society - thanks to Major Events International Ltd for organisation these engaging discussions.

Check out the panel discussion on YouTube Diversity and Inclusion:

Alongside attending the first Leaders in Sport Business Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Allyship Event at the best possible location #Arsenal

And now its time to attend some live #SportEvents: Euro 2022, the Commonwealth Esports Forum and Championships alongside meetings and engagements, but of course some Dad-time🤗 Let's #StayConnected!

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