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Conference Season in Full Swing

After beginning June 2022 in Lausanne for my first participation as part of the excellent Major Events International (MEI) Hosts and Federations Summit at the Olympic Museum and Maison du Sport, the month is concluding with the leading sports governance conference Play The Game 2022 in Odense, Denmark, throughout this week and Host City Americas 2022 on 29 June.

Here are some insights from the MEI Summit to share with you from an engaging panel session which I moderated with Juliet Alabaster #Brisbane #Australia and Anette Larsen Bognø #Stavanger #Norway - two countries connected where #sport is in their DNA, discussing "Moving Forwards - Best Practice". Thanks for the great insights from our panellists, which generated fantastic engagement with the participants and delegates.

Then I was a "late call up" 15 minutes before the panel on "Diversity and Inclusion within Major Events" joining Steven Mifsud MBE, Artem Buerov, moderated by the MEI COO, Andy Rice. It was an honour to join this exceptionally important discussion about #Diversity and #Inclusion at events as well as across a #DiverseSociety in general - and to continue the discussion during the wonderful dinner on a fantastic table with at the #OlympicMuseum in #Lausanne #Switzerland - and we all agree unanimously: is there a downside on incorporating diversity and inclusion in the planning, organisation and delivery of events and the resounding answer is absolutely "no" it makes 100% sense to be as inclusive as possible to all of these segments of society - thanks to Major Events International Ltd for organisation these engaging discussions.

Check out the YouTube video of our sessions through the above links of the titles of the sessions.

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