We are entering a new era for FIS and global sport.


An era that requires FIS to tackle its role in a changed and more inclusive society.


An era that sees FIS grow new wings, expand to new territories and attract new audiences.

An era that requires FIS to fully leverage revenue opportunities, digitally transform, collaborate with expert minds and secure new funding while being 100% athlete-centred.


And all this in an era of a global pandemic.

We have been presented with a unique opportunity - to elect a 21st century President whose full focus is to lead FIS on a strategic transformation to the summit of international sport.


I have devoted my life to our sport as an Olympian, as FIS Secretary General and as a leader in global sport.


Now, in this new era of FIS, I submit my candidacy to serve you as President.



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My vision is for us to transform FIS to become a global movement for World Skiing and Snowboarding. This vision is the foundation of my FIS Piste Map - a strategic plan for us to take FIS into an exciting future.​

  • FIS will become a modern, versatile and diverse organisation.

  • National Associations will be fully integrated in the governance of FIS. Together we will achieve more.

  • FIS will undergo a digital transformation to strengthen its commercial potential, and harness innovations to showcase outstanding athletes and iconic competition venues to excite fans and inspire young people and new participants around the world to ski, snowboard and be part of our sport.

  • Through growing our global reach, FIS will leverage untapped revenue opportunities to fund the sport and growth of the organisation and support the National Associations grow too.

  • FIS will future proof through building symbiotic relationships with snow sport tourism and focusing on youth development, education, creating social and environmental legacies, along with growing involvement with the wider ski and snow sports federations and bodies.

  • FIS will protect its community against the effects of the pandemic and implement a Covid Recovery Fund and measures to assist the recovery.

This is an exciting time for FIS and an opportunity for us to work together to define our future, moving ahead with a crystal clear FIS Piste Map for our sport and our athletes.


The FIS Piste Map reflects opportunities to transform FIS from its current position to become a global movement for World Skiing and Snowboarding. 

Investments in our development for the benefit of our sport and our athletes have to be realistic, achievable and appropriately financed.

I am confident that we can achieve many of the ambitions in the FIS Piste Map by implementing efficiencies to maximise resources, working more closely with our existing and engaging new partners to grow our commercial revenues, and by creating new roles within FIS such as to support the digital transformation to move to the next level.


These are unquestionably challenging times for us all and managing the effects of the pandemic requires proactive measures.


Establishing a Covid Recovery Fund in 2021 and 2022 to assist the National Associations with their recovery from the effects of the pandemic will be an immediate priority.